Paws a While Boarding Kennels

Paws a While's Terms and Conditions.

Like any quality pet care facility, at Paws a While Boarding Kennels we ensure the safety and health of your pets by insisting all our clients understand and adhere to the following rules and guidelines. Of particular importance are our unconditional requirements when it comes to confirming that all pets in our care are vaccinated to the correct level.

On this page we'll also outline our obligations to you in our Service Charter, and you'll find our current terms and conditions covering admissions, as well as items from home, food from home, rates and payments, and vet treatment.

Our Service Charter.

At Paws a While Boarding Kennels we will strive to provide a low stress and enjoyable boarding experience for all pets, and we will treat our guests with respect and kindness at all times. We also promise to closely follow all pet owners' written instructions once set out and agreed to in this contract. Paws a While Boarding Kennels will at all times provide diligent care in accordance with the current Animal Welfare Code of Practice (No. 5, Dogs and Cats in Animal Boarding Establishments). To view a full copy of the code, please click here. Specifically we will provide clean, secure accommodation, ensuring as far as possible the health, safety and wellbeing of all pets in our care.

Our Terms and Conditions

  • Vaccinations and Flea Treatment
    For cats the required vaccination level is F3 or higher, and for dogs the required level is C5 or higher. Canine Cough vaccinations are required annually. Other vaccines are annual or triennial. Check your dog's vaccination to make sure it is not C3 or C4. Vaccinations must be administered no fewer than 14 days before boarding. Without exception, PETS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED if proof of a correct vaccination is not provided, or if the 14 day waiting period has not passed. Please call us if your pet is due for vaccinations on or around the time of your booking, as you may be able to board your pet for a short time past the vaccination's due date. A suitable flea and tick treatment must be applied by the pet owner prior to admission. The pet owner warrants by this agreement that such treatment has been applied. By this measure, any pet found to have fleas while boarding with us will be treated with Frontline or Advantix, and the charge will be added to the pet owner's final account. Additionally, we reserve the right to administer any flea treatment as may be necessary at no extra charge. Dogs and cats presenting worms will be wormed at the pet owner's expense.

    Business Hours
    Our operating hours each day are strictly 8am to 12pm, and 1pm to 5pm. We are STRICTLY CLOSED for all business between 12pm and 1pm every day, and we are STRICTLY CLOSED for all business after 5pm. Out of hours onsite drop-offs and pickups are not available. We are open every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday.

    General Admission Policy
    We reserve the right to refuse admission to any pet that presents the appearance of illness before boarding, such as lethargy, discharging or inflamed eyes, coughing or repeated sneezing. Any pet that is manifestly aggressive and poses a threat to the kennels’ operators will be refused admission. All dogs must be kept on leads at all times while on the premises until otherwise instructed by the operators. Cats must be firmly restrained, preferably in a carry crate or similar. We accept no liability for damage or loss caused by unrestrained pets.

    Bedding and Toys etc.
    We provide flea free mattresses for cats, and flea free trampoline beds for dogs, as well as clean light blankets or towels as needed. Bedding provided by the pet owner will not be accepted by us if it is excessively dirty or malodorous, or if it has stuffing that can be easily removed. Bean bags of any size are not allowed. We reserve the right to remove bedding from kennels at any time for any reason, including wet weather conditions. Any bedding damaged by dogs during the course of boarding must be removed at the time of collection by the owner or the owner’s representative. If you bring items from home, please keep a list to ensure all your items are returned to you. We will take all reasonable measures to ensure your items stay with your pet(s), however we cannot guarantee items will not be misplaced during the cleaning of kennels, or while moving dogs from one kennel to another. Please note that if sharing becomes necessary (as per our shared boarding Terms and Conditions below), bedding and toys may need to be removed in order to prevent them from being damaged by other dogs. It is the pet owner’s responsibility (i.e.not that of Paws a While Boarding Kennels), to ensure all items (including medications) are taken home when pets are collected. Any items not claimed at the time of pick-up will remain the property of Paws a While Boarding Kennels.

    Food Supplied By Pet Owners
    Any dry pet food supplied to us by pet owners must be labeled clearly with the pet's name(s), in a plastic container with a secure press fit, or sliding, or hinged lid. Any food such as cooked or raw meat must be provided in single daily serves in freezer proof bags, and must also be clearly labeled with the pet's name(s). This includes chicken necks and/or chicken wings etc. We will not accept these in large frozen lots. We will not accept whole rolls or "log" style dog food. All rolls or logs must be pre-diced by the pet owner and provided in single daily serves in freezer proof bags, and must be clearly labeled with the pet's names(s).

    Rates are charged per calendar day regardless of the time of arrival, except when a booking is made in advance for a pet (or pets) to arrive for boarding after 3:30pm, and/or be picked up before 9:00am. Late arrival and/or early departure options must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. A full day will be charged if pets are brought before 3:30pm and/or picked up after 9:00am. Boarding charges are non-refundable. We will not refund any difference if pets are collected early. A $10.00 surcharge applies for Public Holidays. Our minimum boarding charge is one day. We do not charge by the night or by the hour.

  • Peak Season Booking Requirements

    Easter Holiday dates in 2019 are available only to clients who have used our services for a minimum of 14 days between January 1 2018 and December 31 2018. Exceptions for new clients will only be granted for bookings of 21 days or longer. Eligibility cannot be granted under any other circumstances.

    Further terms and conditions regarding pre-payment and cancellation penalties will be sent by email to eligible clients upon booking.

    For bookings which include any of the dates from December 23 to January 11, regardless of the arrival and departure dates, the minimum reservations are:

    7 days - Exclusively for clients who used our services for 14 days or more during 2018. Shorter stays may be arranged, however a minimum of 7 days will be charged.
    14 days - Exclusively for clients who used our services for 7 to 14 days during 2018. Shorter stays may be arranged, however a minimum of 14 days will be charged.
    21 days - for all other clients. This stipulation also applies to any dates which include N.S.W. Public Holidays. Shorter stays may be arranged, however a minimum of 21 days will be charged.

    NOTE: Bookings made during 2019 will NOT have any bearing on eligibility for dates from December 23 2019 to January 11 2020.

    Full payment is required within 3 days of making the booking, and a 50% deposit will be withheld on cancellation. The remaining balance will not be refunded. It will remain available as a credit until June 30, after which all credits will expire.

    Please note: These Terms and Conditions may need to be applied to other holiday periods such as school holidays, to be notified upon booking if and when necessary after demand exceeds set limits.

    Further terms and conditions will be sent by email to eligible clients upon booking.

  • Shared Boarding
    From time to time due to excessive demand, we reserve the right to share dogs for boarding. Dogs will be chosen for sharing at our discretion unless otherwise instructed. There are many dogs we will not share, and we will otherwise monitor and ensure the compatibility of all dogs we introduce to each other. We will also ensure that all dogs are fed correctly whether boarding singly or sharing. Please inform us if you would like your dog to be listed for non-shared boarding. Non-sharing dogs will be less eligible for boarding at short notice during peak times. Please note that if sharing becomes necessary, bedding and toys may need to be removed in order to prevent them from being damaged by other dogs.  

    Air Conditioned Boarding for Heat Stress Prevention
    We reserve the right to utilise, at our discretion, our air conditioned kennels in order to prevent or minimise the risk of Heat Stress in dogs during hot weather conditions. There is an additional charge of $18.00 for any day on which we need to do this. Dogs will not be admitted for boarding if owner consent is not granted for this policy (and its subsequent fee). There will be no exceptions under any circumstances. Full information about our Heat Stress policy is sent by email with every booking, and is also available upon request.

    Veterinary Treatment
    Any required veterinary treatment will be at the pet owner's expense. This includes any treatment necessary in the rare event that dogs from the same home fight when they are boarded together as requested by their owner. Payment for veterinary treatment is due at the time of collection or return of the pet. Any course of treatment and/or euthanasia shall be at the sole discretion of Paws a While Boarding Kennels and the Veterinarian. We will consult and/or engage our choice of vet depending on the nature of the illness or injury. A transport and attendance charge of $47.00 will apply for off-site vet appointments.

    Payment - Full payment for boarding is due at boarding commencement, including any agreed extra charges for added services set out by the owner in this agreement. We accept cash or cheques, or payment by direct deposit (upon request), either online or in person at any branch of the Greater Bank. We do not accept eftpos or credit cards. Pets will not be discharged to the owner unless all monies owed are paid in full. In the event any charges have not been paid in accordance with these terms and conditions (including veterinary charges), we will not discharge the pet for which the charges are owed. Furthermore, ongoing boarding charges will apply. We hold the right to sell or otherwise dispose of (give away or sign over) any animal for which charges apply and are overdue after 7 days. In the event we sell the animal we hold the right to deduct from the proceeds of sale the costs associated with selling the animal and all outstanding charges up to the date of sale. If however the animal is otherwise disposed of and is not sold, or the proceeds of the sale do not meet the total costs of the sale and the outstanding charges, the pet owner is not relieved of any obligation to pay any sum or amount not recovered by us, and we hold the right to commence legal proceedings against the pet owner to recover the outstanding amounts.

    All reasonable care will be taken but no responsibility can be accepted for any loss, injury, or death of any animal in our care.

  • Acceptance of Terms
    A copy of these terms and conditions must be read and signed by all pet owners wishing to engage our services. By signing a Boarding Agreement you acknowledge your acceptance of these terms.